I do this work because it brought me home...

Lilia Gestson is a writer, emotional healer, and Classical Tantra yoga teacher on a mission to help women confidently reclaim their emotional sovereignty through an integrative and holistic approach to mental health. As a healer specializing in cyclical living, spiritual inner work, and Classical Tantra yoga, Lilia is passionate about holding space for women to rediscover their own empowered inner healer and all their beautiful expressions that have been both accepted and rejected by Western society.

Lilia's experience in museum education at the Smithsonian, as an elite competitive athlete, as a visual artist, as a professionally trained ballet dancer, and time as a menstrual equity activist with the Period nonprofit has greatly influenced the work that she does today. Lilia is the host of the Empowering the Light podcast,, co-founder/creator of Madhyah Yoga, and author of her new book, "Butterflies & Rainbows: Reclaim Your Womb and Sovereign Truth"

✿panic attacks that at their worst came numerous times a day
✿The worst period pain of my life that spiraled into period episodes of vomiting, sweats, and feeling as if I was dying on my bathroom floor once a month.
✿And a turbulent relationship with myself, especially the week before my period, as I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the seemingly crazy girl looking back at me who was being consumed by the stormy waves of her emotions.

I do this work not because I am certified and not because science proves its effectiveness. (although all of those are true). I do this work because it brought me home to all my expressions, to remembering my wholeness, and to the magic of experiencing a full human life with all its ups and downs in deep relationship with my body, mind, and soul.

In 2017 during my short career as a professionally trained dancer, I underwent a year of surgeries on my feet and months of depression and grieving as I navigated an identity crisis.

My Story

Who was I when I couldn’t express myself through movement?

✿I threw myself into college and took every opportunity that came my way
✿my mom was diagnosed with cancer (she is now cancer free and doing amazing!)
✿I entered my first real relationship with my partner and the uncharted territory of my sexuality
✿I went cold turkey on movement and exercise to protect myself as I grieved my dancing career

But when it was time to go back to dancing, I chose to leave and return home to finally explore college.

This new year brought many changes into my life:

And over the next 2 years I experienced…

...and I was right.

What I didn’t realize then was that everything I was feeling was an energetic portal. My body, mind, and soul were all trying to communicate with me, but I couldn’t understand or hear their wisdom. That is when I realized that there must be more. There must be more to this experience of being a woman than suffering every month

I began walking to the beat of my own curiosity and started with soaking up everything I could about our cycles. What I found was a whole world of love, wisdom, and truth that has remained hidden in our bodies and society for too long.

...and started working with my first health coach who introduced me to meditation (after my partner for months had been suggesting it).
As I reclaimed my relationship with my body, I reclaimed the relationship with my mind. I followed my intuition and found inner work healing and Tantra Yoga and all of a sudden the stormy seas and sunshine rays within me integrated together to form the most beautiful inner rainbow of sovereignty.
I finally understood my emotions and how to navigate them with empowered confidence. I felt my mind, body, and soul all integrate together in my life as I remembered how whole, complete, and loved I am, just as I am.
I feel an overflow of gratitude for this holistic and integrative work and approach to mental health because it changed my life forever and changes the lives of all my clients who are reclaiming their empowered sovereignty too.
When we are faced with our emotions, we are called to dive within to the wise inner healer that is within all of us. It is through an integrative approach that...

I asked for help...

...we dive into the portal of our emotions but rediscover ALL of our powerful expressions.

Learn more about my story and go on your own spiritual journey of self intimacy in my new book...

Fun Facts about Me

I am a total Bigfoot believer and grew up watching the TV show Finding Bigfoot.

I studied Studio Art in college and as an artist I performed all around the D.C. area asking 100s of women to write their thoughts about menstruation on my clothing

I grew up as a competitive rhythmic gymnast and was an elite athlete competing around the country for 11 years.

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