I am tired of society telling me that my natural cycle, period, intuitive energy, feelings, and divine feminine spirit are not suited for this masculine world, aren't you? It is time we reclaim and awaken the beautiful connection between our body, mind, and soul and step into our true light and power.

It's time we embrace our Divine Feminine!

What they don't tell you is that your menstrual cycle is the source of your rhythmic power and you have an intuitive inner healer within you just waiting to guide you to a life of alignment and bliss. 

You already have everything you need within you to step into your light and power, you just need the tools to reconnect to your true self and the sacred space and support to fully embrace your light.

That is where I come in!

I will guide you through this journey, holding space for your intuition to blossom and lead, and sharing with you this precious wisdom and the tools you need to fully embody your cyclical nature.

How will reconnecting to your body help you? You can decide whether you want to keep fighting against your body and climbing up hill or working with your natural rhythm so that you can make intuitive choices in your health that are right for you, confidently understand what your body needs, feel confident in your skin, fall in love with yourself, improve your relationships, and awaken your creative and energetic life flow.

Are you feeling called to awaken your light?

May 31- June 21
(Every Sunday from 3-5 pm EST)

This 4 week online workshop is designed to guide you in getting to know yourself and your natural rhythm on a deeper level so that you can be fully and authentically you without dimming your light, creativity, or power.

Each week we will dive into a new area of menstruality including, womb activations, second chakra healing, your anatomy, your inner seasons and their superpowers, healing your cycle with the Ayurvedic doshas, and tapping into your autonomy and intuition.

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Redefining the Modern Woman

4 Week Online Workshop

Online Course

This self-paced intro to meditation course is designed to guide you through establishing a practice that is as unique as you are. 

With over 2 hours of Video content + 7 recorded meditations + a BONUS video lesson and 1:1 session with me to guide you in creating your Meditation Master Plan

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Your Sustainable Practice

75 minute meditation and menstrual clarity session

This session is designed to create more flow and abundance in your unique cycle and awaken your cyclical power with 1:1 personalized guidance, and intended to support you in working with your body, resolving blocks in your menstrual experience, and fostering a positive relationship with either your moon cycle or period.

This clarity call includes:
-Personalized live meditation
-An oracle card reading
-The personalized tools and sacred space that you need to reconnect to your unique cycle, step into your divine feminine, and awaken your intuition
-Recording of the session

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Now $98 per session

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Clarity Session

1:1 Sessions with me

"She equipped me with the tools needed to better balance my hormones, and not dread my cycle. "

"Thank you so much Lilia! Talking with you truly helped me better understand my body, and my mental connection to it. Just talking through the triggers, and possible ways to reduce the anxiety already made such a difference. She equipped me with the tools needed to better balance my hormones, and not dread my cycle. Now, I see it as more of a time to really understand my mind, and take the time needed to feel what I am meant to feel without hiding it. I would highly recommend her for anyone who struggles with periods, PMS symptoms, and anxiety. 

" She is intuitive, passionate, & highly skilled in guiding one to come into deeper connection with oneself ."

"Working with Lilia in her program has been such an amazing & powerful experience. She is intuitive, passionate, & highly skilled in guiding one to come into deeper connection with oneself. Her deep connection to her own cycles & dedication to her own self-care practice serve as an inspiration & example. As she shines in her authenticity, I feel empowered to step into my own. Throughout the program, I felt supported, held, nurtured, held accountable, & celebrated. She fostered my ability to make big changes in my life by breaking them down into bite sized, simple steps. I would recommend her program to anyone desiring support around their self-care practice/their connection to themselves." 

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Cycle Tracking Guide

Guided Template

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Start reconnecting to your body with this Cycle Tracking Guide and Template. Included is a weekly journal template and how to use it. Great for all menstruators either tracking with the moon or their bleed.