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As a woman entrepreneur you don’t only have the gifts of the masculine business plan of being outgoing, on it, and always pushing through obstacles, but you also have the gifts of flow, ease, deep inner knowing of what is in alignment for you, and a built in business blueprint that is stored in your menstrual cycle that reconnects you to your divine feminine.

We are redefining how a woman can do business in the 21st century and let me tell you it is crazy empowering.

It is time to say goodbye to burnout, anxiety, and a complete disconnect from your body and natural rhythm (that is always present and controlling our energy and emotions whether we acknowledge it or not) and say yes to the high vibing divine feminine flow that is your right and can also be your reality.

It all starts with reconnecting to your womb and everything flows from there. In this mentorship you will be guided into a deeply loving relationship with your body, mind, and soul, as you reconnect to your womb and learn how to use your unique gifts and cyclical rhythm to open space in your business for divine feminine flow, creative flow, abundance, consistency, joy, and passion.

We no longer need to feel constantly drained and uninspired. Our society tries to tell us that is normal and the only way to succeed in business is to push past our limits to exhaustion and burnout, but I know that there is another way because I am living it and I want to welcome you into this space of intuitive wisdom and self empowerment that is essential when confidently running a business and making waves in the world.

We are bridging the gap between... healing and transcending limiting vibrations

...womb wisdom and fostering a deep connection to your innate and abundant wisdom and cycle

...and running a badass business where you can show up for your audience confidently, consistently, and inspired.

This mentorship is different from other business programs because rather than teaching you masculine business strategy, I will be guiding you into a deep relationship and trust in yourself and your body, in accessing your feminine energy that is essential within your business to reaching consistency without burnout, and in finding that abundant high vibing energy within your life and business that comes naturally when you step into alignment with the amazing and empowering gifts of your menstrual cycle and wisdom.

How is this program different from other business programs?

What Happens Inside the Container?

Over these powerful and transformational 6 months, I will take you through my signature six step program to guide you in reconnecting to your womb and high vibing energy and aligning your life and business with your menstrual cycle. Here are a few topics we cover:

Reconnecting to your womb and it's infinite potential

Cycle Tracking and Cycle Maping.

Transcending limiting energies and beliefs that no longer serve you as you fully step into your leadership and truth.

Accessing your high vibing divine feminine energy

Fully understanding the ins and outs of your unique menstrual cycle and the superpowers that you have in each phase.

Aligning your business plan and business strategy with your menstrual cycle so that you can show up consistently with ease and flow.

Optimizing your mindset and unique cyclical superpowers

Accessing your intuition and fostering a deep trust in your own unique wisdom, intuition, and the Universe.

Balancing your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy to create true emotional freedom and flow in your energy and business.

Learning to hold space for yourself as an entrepreneur and strengthening your self care practices

Why I created this mentorship program

Hi I'm Lilia

I created this program because I have been there. I have lived my life fully in my masculine energy, taking all the opportunities with no self care, burning out and getting sick every month, having panic attacks every other day, feeling completely confused by my mood swings and changing energy levels, and dreading my bleed.

And I have also been on the other side where my menstrual cycle is the most empowering compass in my life and the blueprint for my business that leaves me feeling empowered, creatively flowing, embodied, and fully in love with myself and who I am.

My personal journey of healing the relationship that I had with my Divine Feminine, body, and emotions, raising my vibration to one of full presence, gratitude, and love, and beautifully aligning my life and business with my menstrual cycle took a lot of trial and error, working through my own shadow work, reading all the books, and getting all the certifications.

I understand how invaluable and cornerstone this wisdom and knowledge is for running a business as a female entrepreneur and I don't want you to have to take years to find and access it.

That is why I created this mentorship. I put all of this knowledge and experience  together in my signature 6 step program so you don't need to take years to find it. Because lets be honest, time is money and aligning with your unique cycle is a tool that you need in your life and business.

No obligations, just a tea date to talk about the mentorship, answer your questions, and see if we are a good fit.

I have limited spots open for 2020 so don't wait to schedule your call

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...have all the masculine business strategy, but find yourself exhausted, stressed, and burning out?

...feel victim to your period, changing energy levels, and changing moods never knowing what to expect? You crave emotional freedom.

...frequently find yourself creatively blocked?

...have "shiny object syndrome" and want to do everything but don't know how to plan it out in order to not loose momentum, so it all just stays in your head or half finished?

...want to optimize your mindset but have no idea when you will feel on it and when you won't?

...some days you just need a spontaneous YOU day and don't want to show up (we have all been there) but that leaves you looking inconsistent to your audience/clients/employees?

...feel guilty for resting and slowing down when you know you have a long list still left in your work day and you want to be "productive"? what you do but are not able to access that high vibing joy and bliss that is your birthright?

Do you...

...inspired female entrepreneurs who are ready to pave their own path, fully embodied in their unique gifts, empowered and aligned with their body and menstrual cycle, and in full flow and balance between their divine feminine wisdom and divine masculine energy.

This Mentorship is for...

This Mentorship is not for...

...individuals who are not ready to heal past trauma and do their inner work, are looking for a program with the foundations of masculine business strategy, and do not want the support, tools, and sacred space to level up their life and business in alignment with their unique gifts.

60-90 minute 1:1 personalized coaching calls every two weeks (12 total)

Unlimited Voxer (voice messaging app) support between sessions

Access to my product suite including upcoming 2020 group programs and my Your Sustainable Practice: an intro to meditation course

Monthly recorded modules to guide you deeper into each month's themes

3 bonus guest expert trainings to support you even more in your journey.

Ready for the deets?

Guest Experts

Madeline Astraia is the creator of Wild Sovereign Woman & Wild Flora Flower Esences.

She is a Leadership Coach & Healer for Emerging Feminine Leaders, Starseeds, & Healers seeking to discover their spiritual gifts, & embody their mission.

For over twelve years she has guided women from all walks of life to discover their Highest Calling, Understand their Spiritual Gifts, Mission, & remember what it means to be embodied as their Wild Sovereign Selves.

She is here to be a guide to awaken your own Multidimensional radiance & unique soul essence so you can confidently share all that you offer with the world!

Learn more about Madeline

Madeline Astraia

Emily Cassel is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, international retreat leader, champion of women, and believer that your big crazy dream is totally possible.

With a background in Positive Psychology, sustainability, and spirituality, Emily is devoted to helping you launch, grow, & scale the business your soul came here to create while making the impact + income that changes {y}our world.

Driven by the belief that when a woman embraces and expresses her deepest soul calling, becomes a leader of her life and business, and does it in a way that's sustainable, we create a more harmonious future for ourselves, each other, and our world, Emily gathers & grows both aspiring + established women entrepreneurs through her signature coaching experiences.

She is the creator of The Soulful Business Academy, The Business Alchemy Circle, + The Soulful Leadership Mastermind. 

Learn more about Emily

Emily Cassel

After finishing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2017, Jessie embarked on her own inner work journey in search of the “missing” link between mind, body, and spirit health.

Upon discovering Human Design in early 2019, Jessie awakened to the connection between physical body and energetic body to heal several physical ailments of her own. She additionally witnessed massive positive transformation in her relationships and developed an enlivened sense of purpose through these teachings.

Jessie is passionate about helping others rediscover their unique potential and restore energetic balance in their bodies using Human Design and yoga philosophy.

She currently offers various one-on-one sessions for those who are interested in strengthening mindfulness, health, and self-awareness.

Learn more about Jessie

Jessie Klein

Ready to start working with your body ratehr than against it?

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"She equipped me with the tools needed to better balance my hormones, and not dread my cycle. "

"Thank you so much Lilia! Talking with you truly helped me better understand my body, and my mental connection to it. Just talking through the triggers, and possible ways to reduce the anxiety already made such a difference. She equipped me with the tools needed to better balance my hormones, and not dread my cycle. Now, I see it as more of a time to really understand my mind, and take the time needed to feel what I am meant to feel without hiding it. I would highly recommend her for anyone who struggles with periods, PMS symptoms, and anxiety. 

" She is intuitive, passionate, & highly skilled in guiding one to come into deeper connection with oneself ."

"Working with Lilia in her program has been such an amazing & powerful experience. She is intuitive, passionate, & highly skilled in guiding one to come into deeper connection with oneself. Her deep connection to her own cycles & dedication to her own self-care practice serve as an inspiration & example. As she shines in her authenticity, I feel empowered to step into my own. Throughout the program, I felt supported, held, nurtured, held accountable, & celebrated. She fostered my ability to make big changes in my life by breaking them down into bite sized, simple steps. I would recommend her program to anyone desiring support around their self-care practice/their connection to themselves." 


Q. I am on HBC, does this still apply to me?

A. Yes, even on HBC you are still experiencing a unique cycle and will dive into your unique rhythm

Q. Will you be teaching us business strategy?

A. I will not be teaching you more masculine business strategy, but I will be teaching you feminine strategy. I will be guiding you in aligning you business plan with your menstrual cycle (which does take strategy) and how to balance your masculine and feminine energy in your business

Q. I am not able to afford a big investment but an really interested in the Mentorship.

A. I completely understand that and am here for you. I have different pricing tier options along with extended payment plans.  Let's hop on a Discovery Call and see what we can do.


I truely believe that everything happens for a reason and that it is no coincidence that you found me and this mentorship.

This beautiful journey deep into self discovery over the next 6 months is an investment in you. This healing journey and the tools that I will guide you through will support you through your whole life beyond our beautiful time together. Are you ready to access your divine feminine flow and say yes to you and the infinite potential that you hold within your womb?

I'm ready to say yes

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