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A spiritual journey of self intimacy through reconnecting to your womb and stepping unapologetically into your sovereign truth.

Butterflies and Rainbows

Coming 2021

If you are ready to foster an empowered relationship with your body, mind, and soul through reclaiming your womb and unique cycle, stepping unapologetically into your fullest expression, and cultivating a journey of lasting happiness...

...then this book is for you.

Butterflies and Rainbows takes you through a spiritual journey, following the Tantra Yoga tradition, into the magic of womb wisdom, shadow healing, cyclical living, and daily practices to guide you deeper into self relationship.

As women we are being called back to our roots. Back to integrating both the versions of ourselves that are accepted by society and the versions that are rejected. Called back to intimately knowing our emotions, and living in alignment with the cycles that influence our life whether we acknowledge them or not.

This book will guide you in this journey of remembering your wholeness, your magic, and the vibrant beautiful butterfly that you have always been.

As you turn the pages of this book, you can expect to be loved, encouraged, and guided in exploring principles and practices of Tantra Yoga, cyclical living, and inner work healing.

It is in this book that I invite you to release how you feel you "should" be and embrace the unique perfection that has always been you.

This pre-sale is special because you are special. Your paperback book will be hand signed by Lilia with a special hand written note just for you. It will be wrapped in hand painted paper, packaged, and sent to you with love and care. Each package will be unique, no one alike.

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