An Intro to Meditation Course

Your Sustainable Practice


Over 2 hours of Video content + 7 recorded meditations + a BONUS video lesson and 1:1 session with me to guide you in creating your unique practice

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Have you tried meditating but encountered challenges that kept you from creating a consistent practice?

Are you new to meditating and don't know where to start?

Do you already have a consistent practice, but are looking for a reboot, inspiration, and a new perspective?

In this 4 part course, we dive into:
- What is meditation
- The benefits of meditation
- overcoming obstacles/challenges that you may face in your practice
- Become familiar with numerous styles of meditation
- Meditation as a lifestyle
- And more...

Plus Bonus Content
- Creating your Meditation Master Plan and a practice that is unique, empowering, and sustainable in your life
- A 30 minute 1:1 session with me to jump start the practice that is right for you

What is included
- Over 2 hours of recorded video content
- 7 recorded audio meditations
- A 30 minute 1:1 session with me to help you get your practice rolling, define the styles and practice structure that work for you, answer any questions you may have, and work through any barriers you faced.

This course is designed to guide you through establishing a practice that is as unique as you are. There is no right way to meditate and we dive into a survey of styles along with teach you what you need to know to get your practice rolling.

This Course is just what you need!!!

In light of COVID-19, I want this course to be as accessible as possible so that you can create a strong practice of meditation to ease stress, relax, tap into your inner knowing, and welcome more peace and presence into your life.


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"This course really helped me fall in love with meditation"

"This course really helped me fall in love with meditation. I had been trying meditation for years prior, usually struggling to keep focus. It always felt like a chore to me. But during this course I began to see how beautiful meditation can be and see it as a treat for myself rather than a chore. Lilia opened my eyes to the variety of ways you can use meditation throughout your day to day in order to feel your best. She has an incredibly calming energy as she guides you through the course. I learned a lot more about what meditation styles I preferred and at the end of the course I was able to create a custom plan for myself. Learning how to make meditation work for me really helped me find a good way for me to spend time caring for my mind. Meditation truly became an act of self care over this course. Thank you Lilia!"

Client Love

" She is intuitive, passionate, & highly skilled in guiding one to come into deeper connection with oneself ."

"Working with Lilia in her program has been such an amazing & powerful experience. She is intuitive, passionate, & highly skilled in guiding one to come into deeper connection with oneself. Her deep connection to her own cycles & dedication to her own self-care practice serve as an inspiration & example. As she shines in her authenticity, I feel empowered to step into my own. Throughout the program, I felt supported, held, nurtured, held accountable, & celebrated. She fostered my ability to make big changes in my life by breaking them down into bite sized, simple steps. I would recommend her program to anyone desiring support around their self-care practice/their connection to themselves." 

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