Empowered You

The Course

Welcome to Empowered You: Reclaim Your Womb and Cycle, a self paced course and creative exploration into your womb, energy, self care, and unique cycle.

That is why I designed Empowered You as an artistic playground into your self discovery to guide you deeper into your unique empowerment journey through the source of your magic and power...

You are whole, divine, complete, and perfect. Reconnecting to your unique cycle get's to be not a journey of treatment or fixing something that is wrong, rather a journey of deep healing and relationship with your body, mind, and soul as you release what is not your truth and rediscover the magic that has always been you.

Are You Ready to...

I know you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, like you are on the hamster wheel of life, burned out, shut down, and frustrated with your body, menstrual cycle, anxiety spirals, and depleted energy. I know because that was exactly how I felt and how so many of my clients felt before Empowered You.

foster deep self awareness, self, love and compassion...
... so that you can live sustainably in your body, take life at your pace, understand your energy and emotions, and be truly in control of your life experience

rediscover your unique magic...
...so that you can show up in your fullest expression unapologetically

find balance and feel strong in your energetic boundaries...
...so that you can be both open to the possibilities around you and feel grounded knowing how to support your needs at all times.

reconnect to your body, womb, and unique cycle...
...so that you can tap into deep self trust and make aligned choices over your health and life with empowerment and full autonomy

live in flow with your unique rhythm...
...so that you can live life with less burn out, less anxiety, and more inspired flow

Show up every day with surrender...
... so that you can thrive with happiness and peace no matter what is happening around you

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What you will learn...

Empowered You is designed to give you the tools, knowledge, support, and space you need to truly thrive in your body and life through cyclical living, but the power of this program is that you are in control as you confidently and creatively design your unique empowerment journey.


Module 1

How to reclaim the wisdom of your womb, balance your divine feminine and masculine energies, and access liberated flow through cycle tracking


Module 2

How to take responsibility over your energy, set strong boundaries, and navigate your inner work to grow with ease and curiosity.


Module 3

How to create Empowered You routines that support you in every phase of your cycle so that you know exactly how to intuitively take care of yourself at all times.


Module 4

The fundamentals of your anatomy and hormones so that you can take full autonomy over your reproductive health and understand how your reproductive system affects your emotions, mental health, and energy


Module 5

How to discover and reconnect to your unique inner seasons and work with them in your life to access inspired flow and compassion, create a cycle map to find your unique patterns, and how to embrace cyclical living within your current lifestyle.


Module 6

How to access unlimited love and support from the Earth, Moon, elements, and your community so that you always have a source of support no matter what is happening in your life.


Module 7

How to rewrite limiting beliefs so that you can get out of your own way, deepen into your true self worth, self value, and self love, and ignite your unique magic


Module 8

How to align your business with your unique cycle to access organized flow, avoid burn out, and access deep inspired and intuitive wisdom from your womb.

We are reclaiming our magic as cyclical beings and stepping into our fullest expression

What the women in EY are saying!

"This has been one of the biggest game changers for me throughout this crazy year. I feel completely supported by myself and like I have solid footing for whatever is to come - because I truly understand my own magic & energy in a very tangible way. If you are feeling down & having trouble commiting to yourself this will really transform you. Lilia's energy alone as a facilitator can't help but make you smile"

"Be prepared for an amazing experience! Lilia will guide you through steps to cyclical living, and ways to EMPOWER your life. You will leave feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to venture deeper into cyclical living and self care. You will learn to balance your energy, and share with others. I absolutely loved Empowered You."

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"Before starting the course, I felt like I was "cursed" with this awful cycle of premenstrual anxiety because that's what I was told by my mother, and I would just have to live with it. Lilia really acknowledged an empathized with how I felt and understood the dread I felt every month, as I just waited for my monthly anxiety attacks to begin. I knew immediately after registering for the course that I made the right decision. Lilia totally gets it and shares her story openly and warmly as well. Learning about my inner seasons, preparing, recovering, and actually WELCOMING each phase my cycle was a complete life changer. I am a long time cycle tracker and I have been confidently using FAM for years now, but there was so much about my cycle that I was missing when it comes to emotions, self care, self love, how to stop fighting my own body's beautiful rhythm, and instead embrace and be in tune with it to stop the anxiety. I cant thank Lilia enough for this course because it has been such an empowering gift to myself."

What the women in EY are saying!

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What the women in EY are saying!

"Joining Empowered You is one of the best thing I did for myself and my health in 2021! I am so happy that I made this choice, and I know you will too. Being in community with Lilia and other womxn around all the subjects that used to be hard for me, has not only been empowering, but revolutionary. What Lilia is building is a precious, radical movement towards more self love, and no more shame! You want to belong to this space! Jump in like...yesterday! :)"

"When I started this container I wasn’t connecting with my sensuality, and was still learning to connect with my womb. Throughout this I have learned to question myself and give me a chance to get to know me more fully and connect with my womb and my bleeds. Lilia’s love and support through this time has been amazing. Knowing that I have a safe place to share my thoughts about what’s happening as I learn more about this has been wonderful! One of the best programs I’ve done so far!"

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"Lilia’s modules are informative, engaging, & a great way to start your Sunday. The live weekly zoom calls help keep you accountable & provide an opportunity to share with others in a safe environment."

What the women in EY are saying!

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Ready for the deets?

~2 year access so that you can take this journey at your own pace.

~Over 6 hours of video content to explore.

~Customizable challenges for each module to integrate what you learn into your day to day life.

~Additional resources tailored to the topic of each module.

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Value of $400

Only $70

What the women in EY are saying!

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The total price of the program is only $70.

Cyclical living is a lifestyle of honoring your unique cycle whether that is your menstrual cycle or moon cycle and working with it in your life vs. pushing uphill against it. Understanding and working with the cycles that affect your emotions, mental health, and energy improves your quality of life, promotes self care and health, and empowers you to live in your truth and fullest expression. Cyclical living is open to everyone no matter your job, schedule, or current menstrual season of life.

100% yes. This course is designed to empower you in understanding and working with your unique cycle. Regardless of your bleed status, you are still experiencing a monthly cycle. You will work closely with the moon in this course to understand how the moon affects your emotions and energy and we will explore your unique inner seasons that will support you in cyclical living. This course is not designed to give you "shoulds" around your cycle, but rather we are focused on finding your unique cycle and magic.

The information in this course is not medical advice nor should it replace seeing a medical practitioner. However, I truly believe that this course offers the first steps towards healing period symptoms such as PMS, bleed symptoms, or an irregular cycle. Period symptoms are very complex and this course is not designed for physical healing, but the material you will learn will help you 1) heal your relationship with your womb and cycle 2) honor your unique cycle and inner seasons to eliminate symptoms caused from pushing against your cycle 3)teach you to listen to signals and messages from your body 4) set you up to make empowered and educated choices around your healing. These are the foundational steps to healing any period related concerns with empowered autonomy. 

This course is fully self paced and you can take it at your own speed. There are 8 modules with both video content, written content, and additional resources to explore and you have 2 year access to the course so that there is no pressure as you explore within this journey. This journey is yours and is designed to fit with any lifestyle or schedule.

Empowered You Wins!

About Your Guide

Explore emotional healing and mental health from an integrative and holistic approach, integrating both the healing power of your body (Cyclical Living), your mind/consciousness (Spiritual Inner Work), and your soul (Classical Tantra Yoga). Through an embodied exploration that integrates all of our powerful expressions we can learn to navigate our emotions with empowered confidence and become the drivers of our life experience.

If you are struggling with your emotions, I invite you to step into this empowering journey of self-relationship and see what is actually calling to be seen. When you give yourself space to remember your wholeness, beautiful things blossom.

I'm Lilia Gestson

Writer, Emotional Healer, and Classical Tantra Yoga Teacher

Learn more about my story...


I do this work not because I am certified and not because science proves its effectiveness. (Although all of those are true). I do this work because at a time of pain, panic, and stormy emotions, it brought me home to myself. It brought me home to all my expressions, to remembering my wholeness, and to the magic of experiencing a full human life with all its ups and downs in deep relationship with my body, mind, and soul.