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Coming Fall/Winter 2022

For seventeen years, Hecatae and Hope Winters have been on the run from an unknown danger, and they are just doing their best to survive. But after the death of Hope’s mother, Lana, a decade ago, survival has looked like thrifted clothes, cheap meals, stuffing their dreams away, and starting fresh every twelve months – that is until they find themselves back in Maple Ridge. This small town and its countryside of abandoned houses holds an unlocked mystery of Hecatae’s past...

I'm Lilia Gestson

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I'd like to say I've been a writer my whole life, but that just isn't true. It took sheer determination to get me to write as a child, but I always knew there was something magical in our words and how we chose to use them. It wasn't until I found a passion for my topics that I truly discovered a portal into the rabbit hole I now find myself wistfully flipping down. A rabbit hole into my imagination as I discover what it truly means to paint with language.

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