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Healing Shame with the Full Moon (Part 3)

Welcome to week 3 of healing shame with the moon! I want to start by saying how freken proud I am of you for showing up within this journey, showing up for yourself, facing your mind with compassion, and taking this journey one day/week at a time. If you missed last week’s post, you can find our Healing Shame with the Waxing Moon post HERE. This week we are exploring this healing journey in alignment with the full moon and this is one of my favorite weeks to guide you in because we are focusing on embodying our truth and the anchor of our new narratives as we heal and release those narratives of shame that no longer serve us. And we are doing it all with compassion for our inner child.

Inner Child Healing and Reparenting Oneself

When we are exploring the theme and emotion of shame, especially the heavy icky feeling within our body and disempowering thoughts within our mind, we have the option to approach ourselves with compassion and to see the inner child that is suffering within us. Take a moment to process this idea. What if we approached our mind within our healing journey as a child that is learning and doing its best with what it knows? What if we allowed our innermost essence of truth and wholeness to reparent ourselves? As we explored in Healing Shame with the New Moon, when we are emotionally wounded as a child we often innocently take on a mental narrative like a bandage to protect us. Sometimes these narratives are true, uplifting, and beneficial, while other times these narratives are disempowering, self sabotaging, and reflect a non-truth. As adults we now have the amazing gift of deciding what bandages we want to keep and which ones are ready to be pealed away. If no one ever took us aside to help us truly heal the wound, when we remove the bandage and limiting narrative we are faced with the same wound from our childhood. When it comes to this wound, large or small, we are still a child in need of someone to help us process and truly heal what we experienced and help us remember what is our innate truth.

As we let go of the narratives of shame that we either took on from traumatic experiences or were taught/modeled to us during our life, we have the ability to take autonomy over our healing and be the parent that we need in this moment. We can be the unconditional loving parent that knows exactly what we need to hear and reminds us of what is true and what is not. This week, as we embody our inner Queen/King archetype of the full moon, I invite you to take a deep breath of trust as we step out of being the victim of our wounds and instead peal the bandages away together and become the healer, the heroin/hero, the parent, the voice that we need to truly heal what has been hidden beneath the limiting narratives of our mind. Just because we have held a wound or narrative for decades, maybe even our whole life, that doesn’t make it any more true.

You can do this! You are so much more amazing than you could ever imagine. Explore the meditation below to find closure with past trauma and remember the healing power of love within you.

Healing with the Full Moon

The full moon symbolizes our own Inner Summer as does our ovulation phase of our menstrual cycle. While your Inner Spring is characterized by trying new things, planting seeds, and exploration, your Inner Summer now embodies the symbolism of blossoming into full fruition. This week is a beautiful time to step boldly and unapologetically into your truth and the new narratives that we explored together in week 1 of our Healing Shame with the moon journey. This is the time to embrace your inner Queen/King with courage and say “Enough is enough! I am ready to become the empowered healer in my life, face my wounds, and release the non-truths that have been causing me suffering. I am ready to remember and embody my infinite potential, worthiness and wholeness.” Now is your time to explore the energy of blossoming into your anchor so that shame becomes an energy that may flow through you and your life but no longer guides or affects your truth and self confidence. When we are doing our inner work, facing our wounds and giving ourselves permission to truly heal, it can be powerful to explore this part of the healing journey when we are least emotionally triggered within our cycle. For many this is their Inner Summer, but not for all. You are unique and so is your cycle and what you need. This is a beautiful process and post for that week of your cycle when you are feeling ready to take action within your healing journey.

Ego Dynamics of Shame and Embodiment

This week, I invite you to notice when a non-truth narrative of shame impacts a choice or action you make and take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and practice taking action rooted in your truth instead. This may feel challenging especially at first, but that is why this is a practice and it is ok to approach it as such. As we begin to shift the anchor from which we take action in our life from our old narratives to reclaiming our anchor of true narratives, our mind often tries to fight us.

In yoga psychology our ego is the accumulation of beliefs, programing or conditioning, learned knowledge, and false sense of identity or personality that we feel in this life and body. We say false sense of identity because you are more than your learned beliefs and conditioning. When we explore our ego from this perspective we realize that our personality is malleable based on the root beliefs and narratives that influence our actions and the way we perceive life. If something is causing you suffering you have the power to change it. As we step into a journey of healing we begin to realize that our ego is a mechanism of familiarity and will try to hold onto what it knows or is familiar with in order to try and protect us. Our mind does this very innocently and when we slow down and observe our mind we begin to notice its predictable patterns. So this week as we begin embodying new narratives our ego may feel challenged and that is ok. We are holding space for our mind and our ego just like we would for a child- with love, patience, and compassion.

With that said, it is a good to understand the dynamics of your ego when it is navigating the theme, emotion, and vibration of shame. This allows us to become consciously aware of our mind’s patterns and also realize that while our ego tries to protect us, its job is not to be the driver of our life. We can face and listen to our mind with compassion while making our own choices from our soul, intuition, and truth. Take a moment with me here to think back to when you have felt shame in the past. Our mind has a way of trying to protect us and then unfortunately causing the outcome from which it was trying to protect. With shame this comes in the form of self rejection. When we feel rejected or shamed our mind may turn around and say- “I am unlovable so I am going to reject myself first before others have the chance to reject me. I am going to be in control and push everyone away telling them I am unlovable so that I never feel rejection again.” But what ends up happening? We end up pushing away others and put ourselves in a position of shame and rejection. Remember our mind is doing its best to protect us, but this dynamic isn’t actually bringing you the result your ego thinks it is. If you are ready, maybe it is time to change up this dynamic and try something new.

Rather than letting your ego drive the car, this week I invite you to notice the patterns of your mind and consciously choose what narratives you believe as your truth, which you are ready to let go, and take action rooted in your wholeness. Ask yourself- If I felt anchored in my truth… (maybe it is “I am enough just as I am”), what action would reflect that truth? And what if you played with taking that action this week? <3

This Week’s Healing with the Moon Class

Join me virtually for a 90 minute special healing yoga class designed to support you this week in healing shame with the Full Moon. We will be exploring an active and empowering practice with beginner arm balance asana yoga poses, activating breathwork, the Inner Child Healing meditation, and kundalini kriyas to guide us in embodying our courage. Explore this week’s journey in your own life as you hold space to embody your new narratives, reclaim your power, autonomy, and inner strength, and explore the Queen/King that you are. This healing space will be filled with an energy of love and safety to support you in your beautiful journey.

Sign up for the live virtual class HERE

(A recording will also be available to rent after the live class)

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We are diving into healing shame with the Waning Moon and taking a well needed retreat week as we explore a self care mini retreat, affirmations to ground us in our Inner Fall, and moving forward by navigating shame as an energy current not a reflection of our self worth…

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