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Wow, 2022 here we are! Not only does today mark the beginning of a new year, the beginning of infinite potential of a future still unknown, but it also marks the beginning of a conscious journey. This new beginning is one of autonomy, of choice, of remembrance, and of reclamation. A new beginning that doesn’t start on this page, but a new beginning that blossoms and grows within each of our hearts. You see, this week marks the beginning of the Cyclical Healing blog and for that I will be ever grateful because it means that I get to be a part of your beautiful journey of remembering how freakin amazing you are and have always been. That is an honor that I will never take for granted.

What You Can Expect from this Space

As you have found your way to this page, to this blog, and most importantly to this healing journey, I want to share with you what you can expect from this space moving forwards. This blog is set up intentionally to support you in your beautiful emotional healing journey through the methods of cyclical living and womb wisdom, spiritual inner work and the themes of consciousness, and Classical Tantra Yoga. Each lunar cycle we will explore one theme of consciousness and related emotions and embark on a 4 week journey of feeling, reconciling, integrating, and remembering as we hold space for our inner healer to shine through and share their wisdom of truth within us. Each week this healing journey will align with the unique energies of the moon phases which hold us lovingly in our exploration of reclaiming our unapologetic fullest expressions and teach us that healing is not linear, it is cyclical.

How to Use this Blog

Come join us in this blog space consistently for the full year, or hop into this space off and on as it aligns with your journey <3 There are two ways that you can explore this healing journey over the next year. You can either explore healing alongside the cycle of the moon (which is how this blog is set up), or you can explore healing alongside your menstrual cycle. Both are powerful. If you have a regular bleed each month, exploring this healing journey with your own bleed cycle may feel even more intimate as you dive deeper into remembering all the beautiful layers of you. If you have an irregular cycle, are on hormonal birth control, or don’t experience a bleed, I invite you to join us in reclaiming your moon cycle which is just as powerful in guiding and anchoring you in this journey inwards. There is no right or wrong way, this journey is yours to explore in the way that feels welcoming and inspiring for you! In each week’s post you will learn how to align this healing journey with whichever path you chose to explore. If cyclical living and menstrual cycle awareness are new for you, I invite you to grab my free Cyclical Living Bundle and dive into my new book Butterflies & Rainbows: Reclaim Your Womb and Sovereign Truth which will guide you through reclaiming your menstrual and or moon cycle alongside this emotional healing journey. This book is a great introduction and foundation for all the concepts we are diving deeper into in the blog!

This Journey is Designed to Go Deeper

I will never ask you on this journey to “believe” anything I say. I invite you to have an open mind and explore the possibility of “that could be true, let me find out for myself.” This blog is here to support you in doing just that- mot believing, but actually having a tangible experience to find out and remember your truth for yourself. While many people can support us in our personal healing journeys, the one with the final say and the only one who can truly make a change in your life and guide you deeper into relationship with yourself is you.

While each week there will be a new blog post supporting you in this beautiful journey, this exploration doesn’t need to end with the words on your screen. You do not need to travers your emotions and experiences alone. I am here to support you in taking these explorations and words and finding their place in your own life and experiences. I am here to help you find answers for yourself, have an experience with your wholeness and inner freedom, help you reclaim your emotional sovereignty, and hold you lovingly in a safe environment as you process uncomfortable moments and feelings. Each week, I invite you to join me for a special healing yoga class designed to support you alongside each week’s blog post. In each class we will explore the concepts and practices found in the blog post so that you can have an experience with them yourself in your unique life and exploration. Healing is an active journey and this space is here to support you not only in learning, but also taking empowered action in your life. Head over to Madhyah Yoga (the virtual yoga studio that I co-created) to explore and sign up for our live, virtual Healing with the Moon yoga classes every Thursday!

Here’s to entering an amazing year not with the intention to fix ourselves or life, but with the intention to experience the richness and depth of this human experience and foster an empowered intimate relationship with ourselves, our body, our mind, and our emotions. I can’t wait to see you next week for Week 1 of our January journey into healing the theme and emotion of shame and reclaiming our truth!!!

About Me

Hi, I’m Lilia and I will be your guide over the next year in this blog space 🙂 I do this work not because I am certified and not because science proves its effectiveness (although all of those are true). I do this work because it brought me home to all my expressions, to remembering my wholeness, and to the magic of experiencing a full human life with all its ups and downs in deep relationship with my body, mind, and soul.

Learn more about my personal story here…

Lilia Gestson is a writer, emotional healer, and Classical Tantra yoga teacher on a mission to help women confidently reclaim their emotional sovereignty through an integrative and holistic approach to mental health. As a healer specializing in cyclical living, spiritual inner work, and Classical Tantra yoga, Lilia is passionate about holding space for women to rediscover their own empowered inner healer and all their beautiful expressions that have been both accepted and rejected by Western society.

Lilia’s experience in museum education at the Smithsonian, as an elite competitive athlete, as a visual artist, as a professionally trained ballet dancer, and time as a menstrual equity activist with the Period nonprofit has greatly influenced the work that she does today. Lilia is the host of the Empowering the Light podcast,, co-founder/creator of Madhyah Yoga, and author of her new book, “Butterflies & Rainbows: Reclaim Your Womb and Sovereign Truth”

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