true autonomy and intuitive power blossom when we tap into our inner wisdom and reconnect to our unique body and soul.

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Cycle Tracking Guide

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Start reconnecting to your body with this Cycle Tracking Guide and Template. Included is a weekly journal template and how to use it. Great for all menstruators either tracking with the moon or their bleed.


I'm Lilia Gestson

Womb Wisdom Guide, Lightworker, and, Artist

My mission is  to guide women in reconnecting to Mother Earth and her divine love and support through reconnecting to their menstrual cycle, the moon phases, and grounding into Mother Nature‚Äôs energy. This work is to bring us closer to our roots and to the loving guidance of the Earth beneath our feet, so that we can flow in our feminine essence and awaken our inner power and light.

I started my business after healing the toxic relationship that I had with my own period and body. I know what it is like to struggle with your menstrual cycle and for me it got to the point that I hated my period and myself when I was on it. But with that said, I also know what it is like to come out on the other side and completely fall in love with your menstrual cycle, feeling connected with your body, working with your body and cycle, and falling in love with every aspect that makes you unique. Now my menstrual cycle is my greatest asset and guide to reaching my greatest potential.

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