I help millennial women access their inner power and define their version of happiness so that they can start the business of their dreams.

I Hear You,

You are ready to start living the life of your dreams where you feel happy, inspired, and empowered

I'm Lilia Gestson

Empowerment Coach, Lightworker, and Podcast Host

I started my business after healing the toxic relationship that I had with my own body, lifestyle, and self worth and know what it feels like to do everything "right" just to find yourself unhappy. I had the dream job, the opportunities, and the college grades, but also found myself burning out every month, hating myself on my period, having extreme panic attacks, and living in the future, thinking that this is just what you do to succeed. Everything changed when I came back to who I truly am, took full autonomy over my body and life, realized that my empowerment came from within me, and started creating the life and business of MY dreams. I am now on the other side, confidently writing my own life story that feels empowering, living fully in my calling, and living a healthy lifestyle that truly makes me happy. And I want this for you too.

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We are redefining the modern woman, a woman that feels empowered in her strength and business, has full autonomy over her body, is supported in living life in flow and alignment with her natural rhythm, shines from knowing her worth and deep self love, and can show up consistently without burning out.